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Bring Together Scientists And Professionals Who Work On Various Aspects Of Insects.

About Us?

The Entomological Society of Zambia (ESZ) was established in 1981 under the provisions of the Societies Act, CAP 119 of the Laws of Zambia.  The objective of the ESZ is to promote the development, advancement and dissemination of entomological knowledge in all its aspects, particularly, but not exclusively, in relation to insects occurring in the Republic of Zambia. The importance of insects in the environment is seen through their ability to transmit disease agents to both humans and animals, as pests of both food crops and natural vegetation, as beneficial insects in sustaining the vegetation through their pollination roles and they also serve as food sources. Understanding their science is therefore of paramount importance if we are to control or maintain them in the environment.


We bring together Scientists and professionals who work on various aspects of insects and their related forms such as ticks and mites. The conducts Symposiums which provide an opportunity for these Scientists to exchange information on trends, findings, innovations and strategies associated with the field of Entomology. 

We bring awareness to the Policy Makers and the general public on the existence of insect Scientist whose contribution to the development of the country may not be known of Appreciated

We specifically discuss and debate on the responses that insects will or  are Already exhibiting as a result of climate change and the likelihood of our unpreparedness in containing the challenges posed by these insects in their capacities as plant pests, disease vectors, plant pollinators, food and others. For Example, impacts on insects diversity and extinction, changes in their Geographical distribution and so on.